Puddin On the Pounds

Epic 38 Page Weight gain Comic featuring Pitstop Puddin and Lady Luljetta

“Puddin on the Pounds”

A weight gain comic of epic proportions awaits!
It’s 38 pages with color pages and sexy pin ups
Boobs! Blood! Bellies! Burps! and more Feedee goodness

It’s an epic tale of Pitstop Puddin’ on summer vacation in the far away land of Leltania to see her Aunt, Lady Luljetta. Lady Luljetta is a gluttonous vampire queen however and worse yet her lover, Duke Atra is a gluttony demon who amplifies and gains power from the hunger of the fat. Atra is hellbent on fattening up the two ladies to new heights. Will Pitstop Puddin’ be waddling her way back home, or will she even escape this Spooktacular Weight Gain able to walk at all??

Featuring Guest Art by KawaiiDebu, GrimKun, AgoutiRex, Kastemel and JoeKie3wl
Additional Colors by BedbendersInc
The AmericanDream’s Most Ambitious Project Yet!

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USD 18.00

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