Gobble It Up Grab Bag

Hot Stuffing BBW Slobs

22 Saucy Binge Eating themed weight gain images and sequences

Gobble it Up Grab Bag! Dig in Fatty!

Enough greasy treats to binge on for the summer. Gobble it Up Grab Bag is stuffed with loads of illustrated goodies to get your grubby hands on. Emma Frost creates a gluttonous fantasy for you, Ichiko Ohya struggles with her weight and Claire Sweetly embodies Gobble it Up by guzzling down burger after burger in this sloppy sequence of epic proportions. Guest art by Bedbenders Inc of weight gain Bulma included along with sketches and alternate versions of images. With multiple sequences you can’t miss this!

This pack features:
Over 21 images, featuring a whopping 8 Part sequence of the ravenous glutton Claire Sweetly
3 Part sequence featuring Emma Frost
4 part sequence of Ichiko Ohya
Before/After of Out of Breath of the Wild Urbosa.
Chara Soon, Sadi-Chan and more! This Grab Bag is stuffed.

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